Carbon Fiber Wallet with RFID blocking system

  • Minimalist, card case, Up to 12 cards

  • Easy “In&Out” function

  • Removable Money Clip

  • Screwdriver and e-book included

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We tested and built our RFID system to block up to 14 MHz frequencies, meaning your credit cards, driver licenses and other IDs will be SAFE at all times.


The carbon fiber slim wallet is made of 3k grade carbon fiber with a coating resilient to scratches.


We completely made the money clip removable so you can easily take it out when you need to.

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SECURE Carbon Fiber Wallet with IMPROVED ‘In&Out’ Functionality and High-End RFID PROTECTION!

While being resilient to scratches, this V-shape minimalist wallet lets you to easily put your cards inside the carbon wallet whenever you need to. Meanwhile, the C-shape section will make room for your thumb to push out the cards very easy. This one is a very slim carbon fiber card holder that you can use on a daily basis, be it with your suit on, at the office or for your weekend activities.

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How bad do you want a compact wallet that can protect you and your data against credit card thieves?

An RFID wallet for men is FANTASTIC in this case!

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Here’s why you should have it!

  • FITS ANY POCKET: Your new slim mens wallet can hold up to 12 cards and still be COMPACT enough to fit any of your pockets, be it front pocket, pants or jacket pockets.

  • SCREWDRIVER BONUS: You get a complete set with a screwdriver inside to reinforce the screws if you ever need to.

  • DRESS CODE EBOOK: PirnaPropre’s ebook ‘The Business Dress Code’ will be a really helpful guide so you can match your new wallet to your daily outfits.

The PirnaPropre’ carbon wallet is the Right choice when it comes to getting rid of your old leather wallet.

Plus, your choice is backed by our 365 DAYS WARRANTY so there’s basically no downside of this deal for you.


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